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Horizontal Pre-made Pouch (Doypack) Filling and Sealing Machine ( 6 Woking Stations )

Compare to the rotary type premade pouch packing machine, the price of horizontal doypack machine is relatively more economical, but do not as versatile and multifunctional as rotary doypack machine.

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1. The equipment frame is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene standards;

2. The machine is controlled by PLC, and the touch screen man-machine interface is more convenient;

3. The working speed of this machine can be adjusted steplessly by the frequency conversion speed regulating device within the specified range;

4. Overload protection, safety device, automatic alarm prompt when the machine working pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails;

5. It can intelligently detect whether the bag is opened and whether the bag is intact. In the case of inappropriate feeding, no feeding or heat sealing, no waste of the bag, which can save considerable costs for users;

6. Imported tolerance plastic bearings are used in some components, no need to add oil, reducing food pollution;

7. Use prefabricated product packaging bags with perfect patterns, good sealing effect, and high-grade finished products;

8. It can pack prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite film, single-layer PE, PP and other materials, with a wide range of packaging;

9. Safety performance: The machine will stop automatically when the door is opened to prevent accidental injury by the machine;

Bag type

1.doypack  2.zipper bag  3.spouted pouch  4.handbags  5.three side sealing bag  6.four side sealing bags  7.paper bags  8.other composite prefabricated bags

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