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SF-2.0T Chemical Powder Packing Machine


The whole packing system is consist of vffs form fill seal machine and auger filler, it is widely applied to pack powder products, such as chemical powder, detergent powder, milk powder, flour, spice, coco powder, ground coffee, and so on.

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1. Bag dimension

2. Bag weight

3. Your product

4. Bag shape

5. Bag material

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  • Technical Parameters


How to pack 5kg cement powder:

How to pack gypsum powder:

Bag Shape Options

1. Pillow bag

2. Gusset bag

3. Flat bottom stand up bag

4. Quad seal stand up bag

5. Brick shape bag

6. Bag with hanging hole

7. Bag with easy tear notch

Functional Options 

1. Date printer

2. Quad seal bag assembly

3. Bag-in-bag configuration

4. Flat bottom bag assembly

5. Hole punch (Euro slot or round)

6. Load shelf

7. Product settler

8. Gas flush

9. Static elimination

10. Tear notch

11. In-feed and take-away conveyors

12. Integration with variety of printers, metal detectors, label applicators, and checkweighers


1. Capable of making different bag types, like pillow bag, gusset bag, quad seal stand up bag, etc.

2. Easy to change the bag former in minute for different bag size without complicated process.

3. Siemens PLC control system, human-machine touch screen.

4. With servo motors ,this machine is able to achieve accurate

positioning, fast smoothly speed ,smoothly and stability running.

5. With auto alarm protection function, to minimize the loss.

6. Automatical process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.

7. Food grade stainless steel 304, safe and durable.

8. Easy to operate and maintain,only need one worker.

9. High packing speed, up to 80 bags per minute.

10. With 4 temperature controllers.Each heating block is controlled with individual 

temperature controller to acheive higher temperature stability.

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