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Powder Multilane Stick Bag Packing Machine


Auger filler type multilane stick pack machine is suitable for powder and small particle materials, like coffee powder, powder fruit drink, cosmetic powder, harmaceutical powder, etc.

At the same time, we also provide secondary packaging equipment, such as counting device, cartoning machine and bag-in-bag vertical packaging machine.

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1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC program. The function parameters are set by man-machine interface touch screen. The main electrical components are famous brands at home and abroad. The control is stable and the operation is simple;

2. It has functions of automatic filling, measuring, bag making, sealing, printing batch, counting, and finished product output;

3. The horizontal seal adopts independent servo control, the structure is simple and reliable;

4. The film running stable and has the function of cursor correction and compensation;

5. The storage bin adopts continuous automatic vacuum feeding;

6. The filling machine is detachable, easy to install, easy to clean and disinfect;

7. 4 to 12 lanes can be packed according to the width of the bag;

8. The machine can be connected with the mending line and automatic cartonning equipment to be a complete line.

Liquid Multilane Stick Pack MachineLiquid Multilane Stick Pack Machine

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